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Top Chernobyl Films and Documentary about Chernobyl Disaster

Many movies and documentaries have been made on the Chernobyl explosion, trying to explain what exactly unfolded on the dreaded night of 25th April, early morning 26th April 1986. The incident shook the world, changed and wrecked many a lives, leaving profound, enduring scars on Russia and its population.

Various movies have attempted to clarify the air surrounding the mystery of Chernobyl and Pripyat. Directors have tried their best to get first-hand information from the directed affecters of the disaster, gather pieces of information from the city itself and from the regulatory authorities. One purpose of every film that has been made on Chernobyl is to detect the causes behind the explosion at reactor no.4. Some recommend that Chernobyl was a wrongdoing, not a mischance, narrative movies have investigated the deplorable occasion that prodded cover-ups and fatal deterrent measures.

Here are five capable movies that endeavor into Chernobyl, and give us a superior, more profound and more contextualized comprehension of the emergency that changed the course of history.

The Russian Woodpecker (2015)

The Russian Woodpecker approaches Chernobyl from a somewhat distinctive vantage point, the point of view of Fedor Alexandrovich. Adversely influenced by the radiation, Alexandrovich believes that the Chernobyl fiasco wasn't just a mishap.

The Russian Woodpecker has been praised for its fiercely creative account and the path in which it outlines that the entire Chernobyl incident could have been a crime instead of an accident. This theory has not been openly discussed up until this movie was released.

Chernobyl Heart (2003)

Chernobyl Heart focuses on the aftermath of the incident of Chernobyl rather than the incident itself. It goes deep into explaining the heart condition influencing kids close to the catastrophe zone due to the radiation. True stories of youngsters and families telling their side of the story and the health problems they have been facing. It is a chilling reminder that the problems pertaining to Chernobyl are not over yet. The movie won an Academy Award.

White Horse (2008)

Maryann DeLeo, the maker of Chernobyl Heart was also behind the White Horse. The story is of Maxim Surkov comes back to his childhood home in Pripyat. He returns for the first time since he left the place in 1986 as a 10-year-old child. It's both an individual record and a spooky reminder of a city that once had life in it.

The Battle of Chernobyl (2006)

The Battle of Chernobyl takes after the Soviet Union's endeavor to conceal and minimize the fiasco and efforts that followed which ultimately saved the whole of Europe from a massive disaster. Through footage and records, the film looks at the conditions that prompted the reactor emergency and the resulting treatment of the calamity which has been kept away from the eyes of the people of Russia.

Chernobyl 3828 (2011)

This short Ukrainian narrative film comprises to a great extent of on-location footage and recounts the tale of the months-long control exertion taking after the emergency. Told by Valeriy Starodumov, who was a part of the containment effort team of liquidators. The story is about the 3,828 individuals who gambled and yielded their lives to clear the area of radiation and stopped the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant from causing more damage.

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