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What is a Geiger counter and why it is needed rental?

A nuclear power plant is a state of an art creation; the way it is managed is worth watching and learning from. The power plant is powered by reactors that control the levels of heat and fuel while the cooling pumps are regularly run in order to keep the reactors cool. The cooling pumps are being operated 24 hours a day in order to avoid any overheating of reactors which may result in explosion and fire. Mishaps in the past has seen cooling pumps going offline resulting in massive explosions at nuclear power plants, one such case is the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Managing a power plant requires great amount of expertise and heavy machinery, it also requires shelters to be built over reactors in case of a disaster and it is built away from the vast population. A nuclear energy zone has so many aspects and is so sensitive that need to be catered that no stone can be left unturned while constructing a plant on it. The purpose of a nuclear power plant is to use the nuclear energy to produce heat which in turn helps producing electricity and at time ammunitions such as nuclear bombs or atomic bombs. Having nuclear energy zones within a country is an asset for the country which can be utilized to fulfill different needs of the country.

The world has seen great progress in the past century or so, the use of nuclear energy has strengthened the defenses and electrical supply of many nations. But having a nuclear energy zone and making the right use of it are two different things. Countries over the years have mainly used it to their advantage rather than to harm opponents but the nuclear energy can have its adverse effects. The first negative use of nuclear power came when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed during the World War II which created a mushroom like cloud stretching from the ground to the skies. It was the first time the world witnessed how lethal a nuclear weapon can be. The bombing ran havoc on the planet with specific regions of Japan experienced countless deaths and millions more being affected by several forms of diseases. To this date Japan experienced the birth of deformed babies, widespread cancer and respiratory problems due to the exposure to radiation.

How called is radiation level detector?

Those regions and regions such as Chernobyl and Fukushima, sites of two worst nuclear power plant disasters, are being checked continuously for radiation levels. If a certain part of those regions have enormous amount of radiation, authorities stop humans from coming in contact with that environment. The device to measure radiation levels is called the Geiger counter. The Geiger counter consists of an inserted gas tube which becomes conductive of electricity when coming in contact with high levels of radiation. It is a very beneficial device used by governments, companies and people to measure radiation within an area, whether it is an industrial area, medical zone or military zone. Governments use these counters to discover new sites possessing nuclear energy and also mark exclusions zone for the general public, as was the case with the Chernobyl city. The city has a 30km exclusion zone marked by the Ukrainian government in order to protect the public.

How to use a Geiger counter?

While visiting a site that is or was home to nuclear energy or a nuclear power plant, it is very vital to either rent or buy a Geiger counter. The device can come in handy to examine the area or a region or even a building for levels of radiation. It is also useful in subsequently avoiding those sites that have enormous levels of radiation, way beyond acceptable limits of a human. Geiger Counters are easily available and when visiting a nuclear site with tour planners, a person can ask them to arrange it for them. Tour2Chernobyl provides the facility of renting or buying Geiger Counters at an affordable price. While booking the tour, the tourist needs to inform the manager of their intention to rent or purchase a counter. This can double the experience of the group members as it would give them the real feel of being part of a radiation zone. Recording and studying the radiation levels is very easy or anyone operating the counter can ask the tour guide for further help.

When a person comes in contact with site of nuclear or ionizing radiation, the body inherits it. Even when a person is getting an x-ray or a CT scan at a hospital or clinic, the body is exposed to radiation but that radiation is within acceptable limits. But when a person is exposed to high level of radiation similar to those firefighters and workers at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant when the plant exploded, they can encounter serious diseases and in most cases death. The device to measure the radiation taken in by the body is called the dosimeter. It examines and measures the dose of radiation at different outlets such as hospitals, factories and nuclear sites. Anyone entering or existing areas of radiation is measured by the dosimeter such as the Chernobyl exclusion zone. When passing through the Dytyatky checkpoint on the way back towards Kiev, the officers assigned at the check post check levels of radiation in humans and vehicles alike. They use dosimeter to make sure that anyone or anything possessing radiation levels should not in turn be harmful for themselves and others.

With advancements in the world, there are latest and new version of Geiger Counters and dosimeters, they are responsible of better measuring radiation levels. The latest version of Geiger counter is the Terra Geiger Counter, lighter in weight and stronger in measuring, it is the device which is regularly used in different places in order to understand the exact situation of radiation in a certain area or in the body. The Terra counter can also be used to check radiation safety in food items as well such as berries and mushrooms. It can help a person in keeping themselves and their family members safe from any unfortunate environment of high radiation levels.

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