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Where is Chernobyl located?

The city of Chernobyl is located in northern Ukraine which shares its border with Belarus Chernobyl was to a great extent relinquished after the debacle at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant found 14.5 kilometers away. Ukraine was a part of Russia on the 26th April 1986 when the debacle happened. The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is situated in the city of Chernobyl which is 16 km from the Belarus border and 110 km north of Kiev. Another 1.5km further is the Pripyat town located in the heart of Chernobyl.

This area was under USSR watch until 1991 when Ukraine acquired independence from Russia. The city of Chernobyl and its internal Pripyat are in the district of Ivankiv Raion and largely a part of Kiev Oblast province. The town of Pripyat stretched to 7,090,000 sq ft and covered most part of Chernobyl.

There was 2600 sq km exclusion zone was immediately marked after the accident at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. With time the dimensions of the zone contracted to 30km. Now the 30km zone marked in diameter as the exclusion zone is a permanent prohibited area. The plant is strictly administered by the Ukrainian authorities and no personnel are allowed inside the zone without government permission.

How many checkpoints?

There are total of eleven checkpoints of entry and exit into the Chernobyl city from close by towns and villages. The first check post is called the Dytiatky which is near village Dytyatky that shares its location with Chernobyl. Second one is Stari Sokoly which is located at the outskirt of Stari Sokoly village The third is Zelenyi Mys which is near village Strakholissia. The fourth is Poliske which near the village of Chervona Zirka, the fifth one is Ovruch, located near the near of village Davydky. The sixth one is at Vilcha, situated near the village of Vilkhova. The seventh one is at Dibrova, located near the village of Fedorivka. The eight is at Benivka which is near town of Prypiat. The ninth one is at Leliv, a place that is located near Chernobyl the last one is at Paryshiv which is located at the centre of Chernobyl and the border of Belarus. All these checkpoints are made for the safety of the public and are controlled by police officers and health experts. Any person entering to exiting the area of Chernobyl is checked for radiation levels at these check posts. The documents and passports are also checked at these check post. The cities mentioned are the ones that Chernobyl shares are border with and were under strict watch after the disaster. All these cities were under the exclusion zone at one point but most of them are completely cleared of any radiation waves or particles in the air.

The city of Chernobyl and the ghost town of Pripyat have become a touring spot. People from all over the world visiting the areas to witness the aftermath of one of the greatest nuclear calamities in the world. These places hold historical significance and therefore carefully managed by the Ukrainian authorities. These places are also checked continuously for radiation levels for the local residents and tourists alike.

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