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Visit Chernobyl FAQ

How is the security situation in Ukraine these days?

Though large parts of Ukraine is under the control of Russian and pro-Russian forces, Kiev is situated near the Belarus border, making it completely safe and sound for locals and tourists alike. Ukraine and Kiev welcomes tourists from all around the world.

Can we visit Chernobyl today, is it safe?

Since 1986, the year of the nuclear accident, Chernobyl and Pripyat have seen several ecological changes but now it is completely safe to visit and stay in the city of Chernobyl. The atmosphere is thoroughly examined over time by Ukrainian authorities as being fit for human interaction. Besides, our tours are checked and approved accordingly by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health for passing all safety standards..

Is touring the Chernobyl nuclear zone legal?

Yes, going in and out of Chernobyl zone is completely legal and there are check points at the zonal border to keep a strict watch on anyone crossing it. Our tours are registered with the government and we have been authorized to take groups in and out of Chernobyl.

What are the estimated levels of radiation a person receives when on tour?

The radiation levels at Chernobyl are very minimal and non-dangerous for humans. A person touring would receive radiation levels equal to that of a one hour’s jet flight, in other words it is 150 times less as compared to the radiation inherited after a chest scan and 3600 times less as compared a complete body CT scan.

What makes Tour2Chernobyl tours so safe?

Our tours are one of the best and most popular tours in the whole of Ukraine. We take complete care of our guests with safety measures and we strictly following government rules and regulations.

  • Approved route – The route of our tour is specifically designed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Healthy in order to keep the guests as radiation free as possible.
  • Controlled level of radiation -The level of radiation received on the route of our tours is within acceptable limits.
  • Life insurance – It is mandatory for every member of our group to purchase life insurance which is included in the tour rates.

How do I plan a tour to Chernobyl?

It is very easy, simply contact us via our contact form on our website, phone or just drop into our office. Our entire tour details are present on our website but if still you want to know more, would be pleased to answer any of your queries. You can choose our pre-designed tour plans that fits your budget and needs or plan your own tour through our private tour option. Once everything is set in place, simply pay us half the fee when booking and the rest on arrival at the departure point. We normally embark from Kiev’s main street at around 8.30 am on a bus.

Can I travel via my own car?

If you choose your own private tour plan, then you definitely can. Contact us for any further information. While traveling via your own vehicle, please keep in mind that your car will be thoroughly checked for radiation levels when leaving the Chernobyl zone.

What facilities are included in 1-day tour price?

Our one-day tours include a list of facilities such as:

  • Conveyance from Kiev to Chernobyl zone and Pripyat and the way back.
  • Traveling on designated routes
  • Professionally planned visiting of different spots
  • Bilingual tour guide who is also the member of the state agency.
  • Permission to enter and leave Chernobyl
  • Lunch

How much does a Chernobyl tour or tours cost?

We have different tour plans such as 1-day tour, 2-days tour and private tours with different rates; each is designed to suit your budget. Kindly check our website or contact us for further details.

Is Pripyat and Chernobyl the same place?

Chernobyl is the district center of the Kiev region while Pripyat is the town that was established for the workers and their families that worked at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station. Pripyat is a ghost town now with abandoned buildings and houses.

We take pleasure in informing you that you can to visit both Chernobyl and Pripyat Ghost Town on our tours.

Will we get to visit Pripyat Ghost Town and its adjoining villages?

Yes, we are proud to announce that we not only take you to the Pripyat Ghost Town but also the Opachychi village.

Are we allowed to take pictures and make videos while on tour?

Yes, you are allowed to take pictures and make videos of the entire tour except for when we are at the Dytyatky checkpoint as it is security check post.

Are we allowed to enter any building during our tour?

Since March 2012, entering buildings at Chernobyl has been officially prohibited. Some guides do let group members tour the inside of the buildings but we cannot make any such commitments.

Do we receive a Geiger counter as part of the tour price?

No, you doesn't but you rent or buy it for a nominal amount.

Can I rent a Geiger counter?

Geiger counter is used to measure radiation levels and yes you can hire it on rent but you shall inform us via email or phone beforehand that you intend to rent a counter. The cost is 100 hryvnias.

Can I buy a Geiger counter?

Yes, you can purchase a Geiger counter on the day of the tour you will to inform us via email or phone beforehand that you intend to buy a counter. The price is 2000 hryvnias.

We also provide you with the option to rent or purchase Special Protective Suit for the tour which is highly recommended.

What is dress code for the tour?

There is strict code on clothing placed by the government of Ukraine for anyone planning to visit the Chernobyl zone.

  1. You need to wear clothes that completely cover your body except for your face and head. Clothes such as long sleeved jackets and shirt, full length jeans etc. but please strictly no shorts or skirts allowed.
  2. Wear shoes that are closed from the front and back. We suggest wearing joggers.
Please keep in mind that anyone not following the code of clothing will unfortunately be asked to return and come in fully covered clothes. The checkpoints that are set up also keep a close watch on the clothing.

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