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Day trips to Chernobyl zone and Pripyat-town

If you’re planning to visit Kyiv, Ukraine or are already in a middle of your holidays in Ukraine, Chernobyl and Pripyat Ghost Town are two places that cannot be missed. It is a one in a life time experience to visit such amazing and unique places with huge historical significance. Tour2Chernobyl present professionally planned day trips to Chernobyl and Pripyat Ghost Town, the most affordable tours in town. Now all you need to do is select a tour and leave the rest to us, we will make it an incredible experience for you and your friends. Tour2Chernobyl consist of experienced and traveling loving people who are eager to help people tour the historic places like Chernobyl and provide them with knowledge of the Chernobyl disaster.

Talking about the city of Pripyat and the reason day tours to Chernobyl have become a must see sight, is because of the explosion that occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on 26th April 1986. On the day, the accident occurred when there was a catastrophic increase in nuclear power which led to the explosion at the power plant. This resulted in radioactive particles surrounding the entire sky and spreading to countries like Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The estimated loss of life is beyond counting as the after-effects of the disaster led to the birth of many deadly diseases and were felt quite recently. Although the loss in terms of cost was over 18million rubles. The city that once had the feel of a normal city became a ghost town, thousands were instantly evacuated from the vicinity of Chernobyl in wake of the disaster and all that was left were sound of cries and eventually, completes silence.

Important trip information

Now that the importance of Chernobyl day trip is known, one can avail the tour by simply making a registration on our website or via phone. Half of the tour fee shall be paid online for the day trip to Chernobyl, once that is done, an email will be sent to you with the entire itinerary of the tour. It is very important to follow the details mentioned in the email regarding bringing of passport, assembly time and point and dressing up appropriately. We unfortunately will have to turn away any tourist who do not follow the instructions in the email regarding passports and proper clothing. Kindly make sure to reach on time, mentioned in the email as the tour bus leaves with punctuality. We also provide tourists with the option to hire a Geiger Counter, that measures radioactivity, and an opportunity to purchase t-shirt souvenirs but to avail any of these facilities, one shall inform via email before the tour starts. The tour manager will help arrange the items for you.

Tour timing:

  • We meet at 8.15 am on the Kyiv main street.
  • Bus leaves around 8.30 am.
  • We eat lunch around 2 pm.
  • We come back to Kyiv at 7 pm.

Payment and Transfer to Chernobyl

Starting nice and early, the usual place and time of assembly is Kyiv’s main street at 8.15am, until stated otherwise in the email, for a subsequent departure at 8.30am. Once the group is assembled, everyone shall be required to make the remaining payment for the tour in cash. We recommend tourists to keep snacks for themselves for the road trip.

Once we leave the Kyiv’s main street, our next stop would be Dytyatky checkpoint which is an estimated 2 to 2.5 hours away. Once the checkpoint is crossed, we will have entered the Chernobyl zone where passports and clothing will be checked by officers before we embark our way to Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. The check point will also mark the arrival of our professional tour guide who will escort the entire group throughout the tour and apart from answering all queries, will also brief the group members regarding safety measures. The tour guide will be representative of the State Agency of Chernobyl with English speaking ability. You can feel free to ask any questions as the entire purpose of the tour is to gain profound knowledge of the different places.

Historical museum and the Red Forest

On our way, our first stop in Chernobyl will be at the historical museum. From there onwards we shall pay brief visits to the Wormwood Star monument and St. Ilya Church monument which was made for those who saved the world’. After we are done, we will mark our entry into the Exclusion Zone and here the use Geiger Counter will come in handy as tourists will be allowed to measure radioactivity at every stop. Our first stop within the vicinity of 10km, will be at the Red Forest, then we will move on to visit the post-explosion abandoned kindergartens, stop at the reactor cooling passage and finally view the platform near Reactor No.4.

Ghost Town

Our next major stop which is an integral part of our day tour, is at Pripyat Ghost Town where the group members shall be able to view the entire town starting from the beautiful Lenin street, the wonderful Palace of Culture, Polissya Hotel, the busy supermarket, Ferris Wheel, the Stadium, so and so forth. Once we finish our tour of Pripyat Ghost Town, we will take a breather at around 2pm for lunch. Quality Ukrainian cuisine shall be served which is pure, hygienic and radiation-free. Anyone will special vegetarian meal request shall be catered with as well.

Secret radiolocation station

Once the group is done with their meals, we shall embark on our next stop of our Chernobyl day trip, which is the Radar Duga sight also known as the mysterious Chernobyl-2. The Radar Duga was strong radar systems of the Soviet Union and was operational between 1976-1989. The mysterious thing about the Radar Duga is that the frequency waves that were very sharp during the 70s completely disappeared in the 80s, giving birth to various stories about the disappearance of the signals. Chernobyl-2 is considered to be only a shadow of what it once was.

Radar Duga will bring an end to our Chernobyl day trip and we will head towards the Dytyatky checkpoint. The radiation levels will be checked by zone security officers at the Dytyatky checkpoint before allowing us to leave for Kyiv’s main street. The end of the tour will be around 7pm approximately, mainly depending on the traffic. For your convenience our tour will end where it started from.

Tour map:

Visit our Chernobyl Tour map to get more information about our tours.

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