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Chernobyl private tour - comfortable and stunning

Ukraine is an amazing country with a vast history and abundance of historical sites. Ever since it was part of the USSR, it is known for its ancient monuments and churches. Anyone paying a visit to Ukraine must visit as many historical sites as possible but there is one site that has a very unique history, Chernobyl. You’ll see approximately 95% of the attractions, if book Chernobyl private tour. Chernobyl was 63 years old city situated in Ivankic Raion of Kiev Oblast, Ukraine when it was struck with one of the deadliest nuclear disasters of all time. It was rated as 7 level events on the International Nuclear Event Scale, the maximum rating a nuclear disaster can be given in terms of its impact and loss of lives. Since the incident some 30 years ago in 1986, the place is deserted. It was immediately evacuated after the accident and since there is a complete silence. Its adjoining town of Pripyat has too been abandoned ever since and therefore has been named the Ghost Town.

Why you may choose a private tour?

Now that you know a brief history and the significance of Chernobyl and Pripyat Ghost Town, it is worth booking a tour for with Tour2Chenobyl, who proudly present private tours of Chernobyl and Pripyat Ghost Town. It is the most informative, well-planned and worth remembering tour as the places you visit will not fail to amaze you. A city that once had a feel of any usual city of Ukraine now bears a lonely and isolated look. You will have to see it to believe it, so book your private tour with Tour2Chernobyl to enjoy this incredible experience.

Our private tours are special at it offers the guests with an opportunity choose everything as per their requirements. The private tour can consist a group of minimum 15 friends or family members with no outsider so that you can enjoy with just your mates. You can have as many people as you want in your group without any limitations from our side. This will help you plan the best tour in the best possible way. You get a chance to choose your own type of vehicle, whether you want to travel via your own conveyance or want us to arrange one for you, either way it is your choice. If you leave the responsibility on us, we assure you of providing the most luxurious ride with a full capacity space as per the number of group members. If you want a reasonably priced vehicle, we will arrange that for you too. Plus, we can provide a driver that will be at your service throughout the span of the tour. All you will have to do is pay his charges and for his food and leaving the entire driving on him. All will fit your tour budget without any extra burden on your pocket.

What you’ll see from this tour?

With the ease of private tour, you will get the chance to see the amazing place and stay there for the length of time you want to. Normally, during other tours, there is a fixed time span for every spot but here it depends completing on you. You plan for the tour for as many days as you like. You can visit and stay over at Chernobyl town, a city that once had a population of 14,000 residents but is only home to 500 people now mostly old people. Many old people returned to their town after the meltdown with the women there known as the Babushkas of Chernobyl. These people refuse to abandon their home even after repeated warning as their love could not be separated from the city.

Then you can pay a lengthy visit to Wormwood Star monument and St. Ilya Church monument which was made for those who saved the world’, these historic ancient monuments are marvelous piece of art that will remain a part of your memory forever. After you are done, you can head towards the Exclusion Zone which is connected to the infamous sight of the explosion Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. You can visit the mysterious places of Pripyat Ghost Town, its abandoned schools, marketplaces, streets, etc. You can also stay for as long as you will at the Radar Duga, also known as the mysterious Chernobyl-2. It was the Russian Woodpecker for many years as the frequency waves were very high and fast that the radar made woodpecker type sound. These frequencies or signals were so powerful that they disrupted the waves of radio and other aviation communication. It was high-tech state of the art radar system made by the Soviets. But the unusual thing of the Radar Duga is that the waves that were once recorded at 10MW disappeared suddenly in the 80s, leaving the sight signal-less. You can also visit the beautiful Red Forest and stop for lunch or dinner whenever you want to and wherever you want to.

Tour map:

Visit our Chernobyl Tour map to get more information about our tours.

What languages guide is spoken?

Tour2Chernobyl will also provide you the chance to hire a bilingual tour guide who would also help as a translator for the group. The tour guide which we would provide you will be able to speak the language you demand, English, Russian, German, Polish, Spanish, etc. He will not only guide you but also answer all your questions regarding the mysteries stories unfolding in front of your eyes. There is also an added advantage of having a tour guide as he will be able to stop you from visiting spots that are prohibited or highly dangerous, your safety is our priority.

It's important!

One more thing to be careful of is the strict dress code for Chernobyl Zone as it once a nuclear zone and the government has implemented stringent rules and regulation for the place.

Lastly, you can also avail other facilities like hiring a photographer or renting a Geiger counter, a device that will be very useful in recording radioactivity at every spot during your tour.

Imagine all these facilities for charges as low as $49 per person; this includes program fee, insurance fee, entrance fee, lunch for guide and our flat service charges. We work with no hidden charges’ policy; you only pay for the things you asked for. You can get the detailed list charges from our website.

How private tour price is calculated?:

  1. Program – 2000 hryvnias / every 15 ppl group (is a must)
  2. Entrance fee – 500 hryvnias / person (is a must)
  3. Insurance – 200 hryvnias / person (is a must)
  4. Lunch for guide – 200 hryvnias / every 15 ppl group (is a must)

  5. Transport+driver – 2500-5000 hryvnias / group / day (if you don't have a car)
  6. Lunch for driver – 200 hryvnias (is a must if go with our driver)
  7. Lunch – 200 hryvnias / person (optional)
  8. Rent geiger counter – 100 hryvnias / item (optional)
  9. Buy geiger counter – 2000 hryvnias / item (optional)

  10. Breakfast or supper – 90 hryvnias / person (for few-days tour)
  11. Room in Chernobyl Hotel (for few-days tour) – 800 hryvnias / night (max. 2 persons)

40% service charge (is a must).

For example:
You have a group of 30 people, you go on the tour on your own vehicle and you don't need lunch. Price per person will be:
(2000*2 + 500*30 + 200*30 + 200*2)*1,4 = 35 560 hryvnias for the group
35 560 / 30 = 1186 hryvnias ≈ 49 $ per person

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Chernobyl Nuclear Plan

Pripyat Ghost Town

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Chernobyl Nuclear Plan

Radar system Duga-1

Radar Duga-1 was secret radiolocation station in USSR

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