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Chernobyl holidays: two days exciting tour plan

When you decide to take a holiday to Chernobyl you need to be in the hands of a tour operator you can trust. This what we are and promise you an unforgettable trip. Tour2Chernobyl is the most preferred agency by many people for many reasons. These include rates that are friendly and the best service!

Tour timing:

1st Day

  • We meet at 8.15 am on the Kyiv main street.
  • Bus leaves around 8.30 am.
  • Arriving to Chernobyl – near 11 am.
  • Lunch around 3 pm.
  • Dinner around 7 pm.

2nd Day

  • 8 am – breakfast
  • 9 am – continue of the tour
  • 2 pm – lunch
  • 4 pm – way back to Kyiv
  • 6-7pm – arriving to Kyiv


The Cold War led to many harmful occurrences and disasters. Among these is the April 1986 nuclear power plant explosion at Chernobyl. Cold War isolation and lack of safety culture are the major reasons why the accident happened. More specifically, the accident occurred due to flawed reactor design that was operated by people not qualified to do so. The steam explosion released more than 5% of the radioactive reactor’s core into the atmosphere. This led to the death of 30 people due to radiation poisoning. Other aftermath effects included increasing thyroid cancers while social effects included the relocation of the nearby settlements.

Chernobyl was officially declared a tourist attraction in 2011 with the current radiation levels considered safe for humans to be in the place.

Why book holidays to Chernobyl?

If you have been wondering what some of the effects of the Cold War this is one of the places you can visit to have a firsthand experience. No matter what country it is you are from, you will surely appreciate the ugly side of war. With a tour of Chernobyl and Pripyat you will not only see but also feel what a disaster really is like.

Why choose Tour2Chernobyl?

We are a government registered tour operator who offers safe and fun tours of the Chernobyl area as well as a visit to the ghost town of Pripyat. To guarantee your safety, we are flexible and work together with the government which reserves the right to alter the trips and itineraries at any given time. This is done with nothing but your safety in mind.

With English speaking tour guides, we ensure that your Chernobyl holiday is educative. You will be introduced to every place you go with details and even allowed to capture whatever you want in pictures. With their cordial approach to interacting with tourists you can be sure that you will have a good time in the place.

Since the government can cancel tours when necessary, we give you an assurance that if this happens you will get a full refund.

Tour plan

Instead of opting to take a single-day holiday to Chernobyl, you can make it to two days. This will allow you to visit most of the area from the nearby town to the reactor’s site.

Day one of the tour starts at 8:15a.m where the Tour2Chermobyl picks you up from Kyiv Main Street. The bus will take you to Chernobyl via the Dytyatky checkpoint. This will take about 2 hours. Once there, you get to meet your tour guides who will be taking you through the various spots. Before proceeding with the tour you will be briefed by the State Agency of Chernobyl representatives on matters related to personal safety. The first places you will visit are the Small Chernobyl museum, Wormwood Star Monument and St. Ilya Church. These are within the 30km inclusion zone which is also the safe place to stay at overnight. You will therefore be booked into a hotel here.

Within the 10km exclusion zone, the stops you will make include near the Red Forest, an abandoned kindergarten, the reactor cooling sites and the viewing platform near reactor no. 4. This is one of the spookiest places in the world to give it a lighter feel is the catfishes present. They actually witnessed the tragedy!

The Pripyat ghost town is the next place. This scary area is characterized by abandoned residential areas and amenities. These include a school, hospital, swimming pool, stadium and a supermarket to name but a few. This is just a sneak peek, more follows after lunch.

A safe lunch meal made up of Ukrainian cuisine follows. After this, the Pripyat tour continues aboard passenger boats on River Port.

On the second day, the first stop from the hotel is at 5 open villages with self-settlers. Here you can learn their culture and ways if life. After lunch, a tour to the Radar Duga will give you insights into how a secret military facility looks like. This will surely prove to be the perfect way to end your Chernobyl holiday. You will have seen most of what is there to be seen and all that remains is being taken back to where you were picked from in Kyiv.

Safety measures in place include your radiation levels being checked at the Dytyatky checkpoint. This is to ensure that you will be safe to meet others when you get home.

Take homes

Other than beautiful memories and photos, there are several take homes you can carry. You can book souvenirs to take home in advance. These include T-shirts and others. Above all you will have become one with history and known the effects of the Cold War. You will also get to know what it is like to be in a place with radiation levels different from those of your home place.

While you will be fascinated with the trip to Chernobyl, you will be left with haunting images (not bad as it may sound). It is like being in a horror movie or Halloween except that this type it is not made up – it is actually real. Images of a ghost time will flash before you from time to time and with creativity you can be able to recreate the former hustle and bustle of the town. If you like spooky and scary fun then this is the ultimate trip to make.

Other Trip options

If the idea of sleeping in an area that went through a tragedy scare you, you do not have to. This however does not mean that you cannot enjoy holidays to Chernobyl. You still can with a one-day tour. If on the other hand you think to need to see the whole of Chernobyl, the private tour is the one for you.

Tour map:

Visit our Chernobyl Tour map to get more information about our tours.

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