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Is it safe to visit Ukraine in 2015 year?

Despite all problems that Ukraine face now, Kiev is still a safe place for any foreigners to visit.

Is it safe to visit Chernobyl today?

Yes, it’s safe to visit Chernobyl and Pripyat. Our tour are official and were approved by Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

Are tours to the Chernobyl zone legal?

Yes, all tours we provide are registered, have all legal permissions and documents, otherwise group won't be able to cross Chernobyl zone border.

How much radiation will I receive on a tour?

During 1-day tour to the Chernobyl zone you will receive a radiation dose equal to approximately 1-hour jet flight that is 160 times less than the dose received during a single chest x-rays, and 3600 times less than in the one the whole body CT scan!

Why our tours are so safe?

  • Approved route – tour fallows the route designed by the Ministry of Health.
  • Minimal radiation – the level of the radiation on the route is within the norm.
  • Life insurance – every our visitor is covered by insurance

How can I get to Chernobyl?

First, you need to contact us (via contact form, phone or drop in our office). Adjust all details with your personal manager and go on the tour. All tour are run from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. We usually meet our groups at 9:00 AM at a meeting point, get on a bus and leave for Chernobyl.

Can I go by my own car?

Sometimes you can. For more information please contact us. Please remember that all cars get checked for radiation when they leave the zone.

What is included in the price of 1 day tour?

  • Transfer to/from Chernobyl zone and ghost town Pripyat
  • Route and program
  • State Agency guide
  • Documents needed to enter the Chernobyl zone
  • Lunch

How much does it cost to go on a Chernobyl tour?

Price depend on quantity of people going on a tour and tour type. You can choose 1 day tour, 2 days tour or private tour.

Have Pripyat and Chernobyl got the same meaning?

Chernobyl is a district center of Kiev region. Pripyat is the abandoned town in the Chernobyl area. The town was founded as a place of residence of people who built and worked on the Nuclear Power Station. Chernobyl zone and ghost town Pripyat are both visited on the tour.

Does the tour include visits to the Pripyat ghost town and adjacent villages?

Yes. You will visit Pripyat as well as the Opachychi village.

Can I take pictures or make videos on tour?

Yes. Pictures and video are allowed, except for the Dytyatky checkpoint.

Is it possible to go inside the buildings on the tour?

It's officially prohibited to go inside the buildings since March 2012, but sometimes guides allow to go inside, but we can't guarantee that.

Does the tour price include rent or Geiger counter?

No, it doesn't.

Can I rent Geiger counter?

Yes, you can rent it on the day of the tour. But please inform us in advance that you need it.

Can I buy Geiger counter?

Yes, you can buy it. But please inform us in advance that you want to buy Geiger Counter.
You may also buy or rent the following equipment:

  • Geiger Counter, a devise used to show radiation level
  • Special protective suit (not necessarily, but recommended)

Do I need some special safe costumes or other safe cloth?

Make sure you keep to the following rules:

  • Wear clothes that fully cover your body (long-sleeved shirts, jeans, pants. No shorts allowed.)
  • Wear closed shoes

Visit Chernobyl zone yourself!

And You will see:
Chernobyl Nuclear Plan

Chernobyl Reactor #4

Reactor #4 is 1 of 7 spookiest buildings around the world
Chernobyl Nuclear Plan

Pripyat Ghost Town

Pripyat ghost town is 1 of 7 scariest places around the world
Chernobyl Nuclear Plan

Radar system Duga-1

Radar Duga-1 was secret radiolocation station in USSR

And many more exciting places with Chernobyl tours

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