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Chernobyl tour plan - 2 days group tour

Tour timing:

1st Day

  • We meet at 8.15 am on the Kyiv main street.
  • Bus leaves around 8.30 am.
  • Arriving to Chernobyl – near 11 am.
  • Lunch around 3 pm.
  • Dinner around 7 pm.

2nd Day

  • 8 am – breakfast
  • 9 am – continue of the tour
  • 2 pm – lunch
  • 4 pm – way back to Kyiv
  • 6-7pm – arriving to Kyiv

Detail Tour plan description:

The tour plan is not a must. It can be changed by Chernobyl zone administration without any prior announcement. Our company is not responsible for any changes in a tour plan. The itinerary of the tour and the order of places to visit are approximate.

1st Day

1. Registration

Registration starts at 8:15 AM (if other it will be highlighted by our manager in the e- mail with departure details). Please, don't be late as the bus will leave either with or without you. The meeting manager checks your passport data with and clothes.

2. Payment.

You will make the second payment for the tour in cash to the meeting manager and get on the bus. You may also rent Geiger counters and buy souvenir T-shirts (please, inform us by e-mail about this beforehand).

3. Transfer to Chernobyl.

The road to the Dytyatky checkpoint will take around 2 - 2.5 hours. You are welcome to take some snacks to the bus.

4. Entery to the 30 km Exclusion zone.

Once you have arrived to the Chernobyl zone, you will pass police passport and clothes control. Here you will be met by your English-speaking guide - representative of the State Agency of Chernobyl. He will make the tour for you and answer all your questions about Chernobyl on your further way to the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant.

5. Chernobyl.

Meeting with State Agency of Chernobyl representatives for personal safety briefing. Visiting the small Chernobyl museum, stop near the wormwood Star monument, near St. Ilya Church, monument “To those who saved the world” etc.

6. Check-in at the hotel

The option for the overnight stay is tourist hotel "Rektan" in Chernobyl town. You’ll check-in there and leave the bags.

7. 10 km Exclusion zone.

You will make stops in the Red Forest, visit abandoned kindergarten, go next to the reactor cooling passages and viewing platform near the Reactor No.4. You will be able to take measures of radiation at every stop.

8. Pripyat ghost town.

In Pripyat you will see Lenin street, the palace of culture, Polissya hotel, supermarket, Ferris wheel, the stadium, school, swimming pool, hospital etc.

9. Lunch.

You will have Ukrainian cousine for the lunch. All meals are radiation and ecologically clean. A vegetarian meal is available upon request.

10. Pripyat ghost town.

After lunch, you will leave for the Pripyat passenger boats River Port and continue observing the abandoned territory.

11. Dinner and going for rest.

2nd Day

12. Breakfast

13. Visiting the villages with self-settlers.

There are near 5 open villages where old people live. You’ll have the possibility to communicate with them and discover the way of their lives.

14. Lunch

15. Radar Duga

Travelling to the legendary and mysterious Chernobyl-2 or “Radar Duga”. Officially “Chernobyl-2” is called the long-haul radio center. Chernobyl-2 is a “shadow” of a small and calm Chernobyl city.

16. Transfer back to Kyiv.

At the end you come back to the Dytyatky checkpoint where the zone security checks your radiation level. You’ll be back in Kiev around 6:00 – 7:00 PM, it depends on the traffic.

Tour map:

Visit our Chernobyl Tour map to get more information about our tours.

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Chernobyl Reactor #4

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Chernobyl Nuclear Plan

Pripyat Ghost Town

Pripyat ghost town is 1 of 7 scariest places around the world
Chernobyl Nuclear Plan

Radar system Duga-1

Radar Duga-1 was secret radiolocation station in USSR

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