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The 5 Best Hotels in and around Chernobyl and Pripyat

Whether you are planning to visit the Chernobyl for a day or planning to stay the night, you need to know about the best Chernobyl hotels in and around the city. It could just be a lunch break or a dinner break or a night’s stay, whichever way you want it, having a complete knowledge of the best hotels to dine or stay is a must, especially when on holidays. You need to plan your day out during vacations right from the word go till you come back. You also need to have complete information of the places you can enjoy the best food or if staying, the place where you can get a decent room at an affordable price. Here is the guide to the best hotels in and around Pripyat and Chernobyl.

Pripyat Hotel

Pripyat Hotel, located at Bohdana Chmelnitskogo Street 1, Chernobyl, it is regarded as one of the oldest and most economically decent bed and breakfast (B&B;) hotels in Chernobyl. With a very good cuisine in place, free Wi-Fi and great rooms, it is surely one of the best places to stay during your trip. With top quality food at an affordable price, it is all you need when your food cravings get the better of you. Also worth mentioning is that the food is hygienic and radiation free as it is sealed and bought from outside the nuclear zone of Chernobyl. Besides, the amazing food, Pripyat Hotel has clean, comfy and low-priced bedrooms with attached bathroom for a good night’s stay. You will find amazing customer service and house-keeping during your time at the hotel which will double the joy. You can easily check the dates for it online and book it in advance if you want to avoid any hassle of finding a hotel during your trip as it is the ONLY hotel within the 30km vicinity of Chernobyl. Also some safety tips while staying at Pripyat Hotel is never open the windows of your room as it will fill the entire environment with radiation gases.

Chernobyl Hotel

Countryside Cottage Chernobyl Hotel – located at Naberejnaya street 1, Chernobyl Hotel is a beautiful cozy cottage for people who love to stay in old Ukrainian style hotel rooms. It has double, twin and triple bed rooms with all the facilities like TV, free Wi-Fi, bathroom and sofas in place. The hotel consists of two cottages, the first one is known as the Log House and the second one is Huta, Ukrainian style house, both offer all services at a very reasonable price. You can also enjoy the full range of cuisine at the hotel in the Dining Area which special style food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can meet the locals around, watch the way their go about their work on a daily basis and also learn a few things from them, it is surely a very pleasant experience for any tourist who enjoys living inside a village.

The distance is only 5 km from the Dityatky check point towards the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson Blu is not located inside the Chernobyl but it is less than a kilometer away from the famous Chernobyl Museum. It is a state of the art hotel with fantastic rooms and all the facilities a person can ask for. With over 160 guestrooms, it is surely one of the best in Ukraine. Anyone visiting Kiev can surely stay here for an amazing experience and from here onwards can head to Chernobyl by opting for a day tour. It has all the amenities that a modern 4 or 5 star hotel would have anywhere in the world. You can enjoy free breakfast, complimentary with the room, along with fitness center, conference halls, library and the entire place is air-conditioned. It might be slightly expensive than others but the experience is unprecedented. If you’re not willing to stay inside the Chernobyl zone than your best bet is a hotel in Kiev and close by Chernobyl.

Staro Hotel

Located on the Kostiantynivska Street of Kiev, it is another landmark hotel in the list of hotels near the Chernobyl museum, less than 2 miles away to be precise. With a red and white décor, it is surely one of the cleanest and stunning hotels in the whole of Kiev. With services like free buffet for breakfast, free Wi-Fi and free parking, it is value for money. You can also avail other amazing options like computer station, ATM machine, spa services and many more. It has 35 smoke-free guestrooms for the pleasant experience of the tourists. Anyone willing to take a day trip to Chernobyl can surely stay here and then head to the main street of Kiev from where the day trips start from. The look of the hotel will make you stay for a long time.

Boutique Hotel Vozdvyzhensky

Located at 0.5 miles away from Chernobyl museum, on the Vozdvyzhneska street, it is a compact old style building with some great features to take full advantage of. It has all the splendid characteristics of a 3+ star hotel which can give you the real feel of the Ukrainian culture and streets. Located in the city center, it gives the tourist a great chance to get to Chernobyl from the main street. It has some very artist rooms that can make you feel like home.

Here is the guide to the best hotels in and around Chernobyl that can help any tourists who is planning to pay a visit and enjoy the Chernobyl exclusion zone and Pripyat Ghost Town. If you want to make your experience an easy one then kindly make sure to book your hotels in advance especially during holidays period because thousands of people from around the world flock into Ukraine. And as Chernobyl is one of the most historic places, a lot of people would be planning a day tour to the place so booking your room in advance is surely a very good idea. Another advantage of having a room or hotel booked in advance is the ease of accessing the huge list of cuisines without having to run around the place every time hunger sets in.

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